Our approach to wealth management is rooted in one bedrock principle—obtaining results for our clients in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. The core of our team consists of professionals who have taken the extra step of earning MBAs and Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) designations.

In constructing client portfolios, we rely on our research process created in-house by John Salvino, Chairman at The University of Chicago’s Chicago Booth Alumni Finance Roundtable, that utilizes our own research with a focus on revenue and earnings acceleration.

What makes us different

Performance Wealth differs in many ways from the typical Wall Street firm, but the most significant is that our team has the knowledge and skills to perform the planning, investment selection and portfolio management in-house.

Most Firms

1% fee advisor client multiple money managers client never met 1% fee
1% fee* Performance wealthadvisor client

*This is illustrative as advisory fees may vary based on the complexity of the services to be provided, the level of assets to be managed, and the overall relationship with the Advisor. All fees paid to Performance Wealth for investment advisory services are separate and distinct from the expenses charged by mutual funds and ETFs to their shareholders. Expenses vary by fund. These expenses are described in each fund’s prospectus.

With most Wall Street firms, the client meets with an “advisor” and agrees to hire them for a fee equal to 1% of their assets. But that advisor is really only a salesperson who then outsources the investments to multiple money managers for another 1% fee. At that point, the client’s fee has doubled, their assets are in the hands of someone they’ve never met, and they are probably unaware of what they are invested in or what that approach can ultimately cost them.

High taxes and fees are among the biggest deterrents to wealth accumulation.

Clients always know where they stand

Transparency in everything we do Focus on innovative and disruptive technologies Independent
investment advisor

Performance Wealth aims for transparency in everything we do. Our clients always know what they own, what they are paying and who is making the portfolio decisions.

We conduct our own thorough research with a focus on companies fostering innovative and disruptive technologies. Performance Wealth looks to provide our clients with broad exposure to companies shaping the future in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, energy storage, DNA sequencing, medicines, biotechnology, vaccines, the increased utilization of the internet for shopping, working education, communications, social interaction, healthcare, and other fields likely to deliver outsized growth as these fields change the way the world works.

Because we are not a subsidiary of or owned by a bank, brokerage, or other institution, we have the freedom to choose the best research, technology, and investment solutions for our clients. By registering as an independent investment advisor, we have made a commitment to always act only in our clients’ best interests and to avoid even the appearance of conflicts of interest.

We believe our work speaks for itself and have built our practices strictly on referrals from clients satisfied with the results we’ve delivered.